Not many people are looking for “Protandim”

but many are looking for what it does!



This 11.22 minute video featuring a ABC News Discovers a Breakthrough: Paradigm Shift  and is undoubtedly the best introduction to Protandim and what it’s all about. This is most definitely worth your time.

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This 6.37 minute video featuring a Protandim by Lifevantage Facts Since ABC Primetime Video 2005, featuring Protandim with many more studies of validation that have taken place. You may view the studies at (enter PROTANDIM in the search tab).
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More and more Medical Professionals are finding out about the incredible Peer Reviewed, Published Research ( - at this point in time there are 15 Published Research Documents) on this natural product that is at the forefront of Nrf2 medical technology.

Watch this 13.13 minute video featuring Dr. Alice Reed on The Benefits of Protandim and the Peer Reviewed Studies that support this phenomenal product.
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To find out more about the Tremendous Business Opportunity we have with LifeVantage, watch this 9.58 minute video featuring Ryan Thompson Vice President, Sales. This is a detailed presentation explaining the LifeVantage Compensation Plan – Unlimited Income Potential and its benefits.
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The way we see it, we have been blessed with two wonderful opportunities here. With Protandim, the opportunity to reduce Oxidative Stress and with LifeVantage, the opportunity to reduce Financial Stress, two of the world’s most common stresses and by sharing we can help others enjoy the same benefits.

To find out more about this Amazing Product, how you can Purchase It or take this opportunity to become a LifeVantage Independent Distributor.
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This 46.17 minute video features Dr. Joe McCord speaking about the development of Protandim and the history that has brought us to where we are today. This is arguably the second most important presentation that will help you wrap your mind around what we have our hands on here.
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7 short videos (5 minutes or less) explain all about this amazing product, well worth viewing.

Part 1 - Click here.

Part 2 - Click here.

Part 3 - Click here.

Part 4 - Click here.

Part 5 - Click here.

Part 6 - Click here.

Part 7 - Click here.


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