No one should have a greater desire or more incentive to look after your hard earned money than you do. Regardless of whether you’re dealing with business or personal finances, when you spend a buck, it’s gone. What you have to show for it determines how wisely you spent it. Sometimes we make mistakes but generally they can be rectified.

Experts and professionals in the field of financial planning for years have been encouraging us wherever we may live in the world to prepare for adversity by looking to the condition of our finances. We've been urged to be modest in our expenditures, discipline ourselves in our purchases and to avoid debt. We've been told that if we have paid our debts and have a financial reserve, even if it is small, we will feel more secure and enjoy greater peace of mind. We believe it would be wise and prudent on our part to follow such wise council and to assist you in your individual and family quests for financial preparedness and self reliance; we’ll be sharing some valuable information we've learnt along the way.

We will be posting helpful suggestions and ideas on our BLOG and invite you to follow and apply what you feel works for you and chat to us about your ideas or concerns or questions.




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