It’s no secret that our focus is Preparedness and Survival. We are by no means pessimistic but the reality is we’re living in troubled times and it is becoming increasingly more challenging to be self reliant and successful. To make it in today’s world you need an edge. However, you don’t have to look to far to find someone who is moving ahead in a positive way on the road to self reliance and success. One of the dominant reasons is that they have found and are consistently using the right tools. These tools (Products and Services) are out there, just waiting to be found and that’s where we come in.

Through experience and ongoing research we strive daily to present you with a good and diversified array of excellent tools to help you on your path to self reliance and success. The name of the game today is to be prepared ahead of time to be able to survive whatever challenge or hardship comes your way, be it natural or man-made  We believe that an appropriate balance between work and recreation is important to having an enjoyable life style, personally and with your family. We are confident that the growing selection of tools presented on our BLOG will be helpful to you.

We will be posting helpful suggestions and ideas on our BLOG and invite you to follow and apply what you feel works for you and chat to us about your ideas or concerns or questions.



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